• Fernando Salomone
    Head of Environment, Cerro Vanguardia S.A.(Argentina)
    Know-how: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Elisabeth Lictevout
    Director, Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo en Recursos Hidricos (CIDERH)
    Know-how: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Dr. Jorge Chavez
    Regional Environmental Director, Barrick Gold Corporation (Chile)
    Know-how: Natural Resource Management
  • Jacob Croall
    Manager Global Water Treatment, Newmont Mining Corporation
    Know-how: Heavy Metal Removal, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, RO Systems
  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Project Director, Newmont
    Know-how: Civil Engineering
  • Juan Ramon Candia Jorquera
    Head of Water and Environment, Fundacion Chile
    Know-how: Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Guido Bocchio
    Legal and Natural Resources Manager, Southern Peru Copper Corp (Peru)
    Know-how: Legal Services, Institutional Development & Water Governance, Peruvian Water Legislation
  • Sandra Gonzalez Henriquez
    Superintendent Strategic Resources, Minera Escondida Ltda (Chile)
    Know-how: Hydrogeology
  • Dr. Caius Priscu
    Principal Engineer, Tailings and Mineral Residue – Engineering Governance, Group Engineering, Mining & Technology, Anglo American Plc (Chile)
    Know-how: Dams, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Javier Jara Caceres
    Head of Department of Mining Properties, SERNOGEOMIN
    Know-how: Environment, Legal Services
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